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Check out these stories...One app at a time!

Event app building platform

Eventify is a digital event app-building platform, with high-end customizable and scalable features. Multi-featured, user-friendly applications for all types of events can be created on the platform.

Automotive Solutions app.

Fixr is a multi-platform (Web, iOS, Android) automotive solutions app. Registered users can post car service job requests, receive quotes from agents, compare them, and avail the services of the best car shop/mechanic.

Video streaming app

FishFlicks is a dedicated mobile app (iOS and Android) for streaming cool fishing-related shows, product videos, how-to tutorials, and a lot more. It is available as a part of the membership of FishFlicks - the leading fishing and outdoors streaming channel in Australia.

Traveller app

Trotjot is a smart digital travel journal application. It is customized for the iOS platform, and lets travelers create organized and detailed travel memories. The app has seamless, user-friendly interface and controls - and is the ideal assistant for free-spirited travelers.

Childrens App

Soccerman is a multi-featured mobile learning game for kids, designed for the iOS and Android platforms. The app has several interactive, educational mini-games, along with a customized digital storybook feature.

Enterprise Learning App

Soccerman is a Repeatmobile is a highly customized enterprise learning app. It is downloadable from company servers, and offers in-depth videos, reading material, quizzes and tests (MCQ). Many courses are included in this multi-platform, multi-device application.

Azion Team Challenge
Team Activity Management App

Azion Wellness is a multi-featured mobile team activity management app (iOS/Android). It offers a vast array of customizable features, and has many exciting activity challenges for the users to participate.

Local Guide App

Calltosearch is a dedicated Android local guide and mobile helpdesk app. Users can call knowledgeable and well-trained agents right from the app - to get their queries resolved. Calls can also be rated by people.

Social networking app

Peoplr is a customized iOS social networking and events app. On it, users can add new connections, chat real-time, view events and create their very own events...everything with absolute ease.

Mood and Performance tool

MAPT is an innovative self-development application (available on iOS and Android), that helps users attain personal and professional improvements. The app has a built-in sales calculator, and also stores cards digitally.

Project Management App

BuiltBy is a cross-platform project management mobile app, created with React Native for iOS and Android. Conceptualized by Neesha Alwani, BuiltBy facilitates seamless collaboration among team members of projects.

Momo Taxi
Cab Service App

Momo Taxi is a high-on-accuracy on-demand cab service app, optimized for the Android platform. The GPS-powered app lets users book taxis from any location, without any hassles. Separate types of cab services can be chosen too.

Child Care App

ChildMinder is a customized iPhone childcare app. It allows caregivers to record and update a wide range of information about the kids they are looking after. Individuals can register on ChildMinder as ‘Parent’ too.

Minilobes - The House
Educational Game App

Minilobes is an engaging educational game for kids, customized for the iOS and the Android platforms. It has two separate modes - ‘Explore’ and ‘Game’ - and helps children learn about their homes and common household objects...the fun way.

Baggage carrier service

bagpal is a dedicated baggage carrier service - the first of its kind in Nordic countries. By availing the service, travelers can send along their luggages in advance, in a highly convenient and completely secure manner.

Motivational App

HelloMind is a multi-featured mobile self-motivation app, conceptualized by Jacob Strachotta, and available on the iOS and Android platforms. It helps users identify the root cause of their problems, and provides personalized audio treatment sessions and boosters.

Social Networking

Awayys is a multi-featured, innovative travel networking application. It is customized for the iOS (8 and later) platform and has a wide array of cool, interesting features. Users can make new friends and expand their networks with ease on this app.

Top Thaaat
Selfi Challenge Game

Top Thaaat is a one-of-its kind mobile selfie challenge game app. Users can either select from the games available in the app, or create their very own selfie challenges.

Fuel-buying app

Fuel Up is a mobile fuel-buying app, optimized for the iOS 8 and iOS 9 platforms. Via this GPS-powered app, users can find fellow drivers in their locality, and put in fuel purchase requests to them. The user-friendly driver's app makes car rides free of fuel-related worries!

Social app

Dimes is a custom iPhone app that puts a fresh new fun spin on campus life. There are many exciting polls in the app, and users can rank his/her friends on them. Dimes comes with in-app chat functionality too.

Business app

365 Deal is an exclusive iOS ad-sharing app for sellers. Two different types of ads can be posted on this user-friendly application. All ads are information-rich, and the contact details of sellers are provided with each advertisement.

Lifestyle app

DBT is a comprehensive, multi-layered iPhone self-help application. Right from creating lists of skills and crisis/problems and updating them on a daily basis, to tracking key health parameters - the app lets users perform a wide range of tasks.

Word Game

Moover is a two-player iOS word-search application. Users have to swipe along word mazes to find certain words, before their opponents manage to do so. Additional coins are available through in-app purchases.

Audio clip sharing app

Currently is an innovatively conceptualized audio-clip sharing app for iOS and Android devices. On the app, users can record sound clips and share them in their ‘Stream’ or in the ‘Ocean’.

One Brand
Mobile Commerce

Probably the best mobile shopping app in our portfolio. From browsing through product categories to purchasing items and making payments - One Brands has all the requisite m-commerce features. The graphics and design layout make it a really user-friendly app too!

Stop Over
Social Networking

Conceptualized by Ms. Amber Blumanis, Stopover is a breakthrough app for travelers. It helps to remove the 'bore-factor' of long waits at airports. With the app, users can connect with people with common interests, right from the airport. Stopover, unsurprisingly, has won multiple awards.


For those who wish to capture, preserve and treasure the magic of fleeting moments, Timesnaps is a must-have application. The app allows people to take images of practically anything at regular intervals, create slideshows with them, and revel at the changes that time can make!

Baby Sitter
App For Parents/Babysitters

Hiring an expert professional babysitter becomes easier than ever before with this revolutionary iOS application. Parents can fix appointments with babysitters, specify the hourly rates they are willing to pay, and hire the best caregiver for their children - all with the Baby Sitter app.

Virtual Keyboard App

A third-party iOS keyboard app par excellence. Available in three different languages and four different themes (via in-app purchase), SpeedyKey makes typing on iPhones/iPads quicker, easier and more accurate. Its USP? The host of custom 'Speedy Replies'!

Veeaie Keyboard
Keyboard App

The key USP of Veeaie Keyboard is its host of pre-written custom replies, for emails and messages. With this third-party iOS keyboard app, staying in touch and responding to messages becomes quicker than ever.

Event App

An efficient mobile venue finder with an extensive and regularly updated database. Bender doubles up as an informative events app as well. It also lets event managers/venue owners in their promotions.

Event App

An efficient mobile venue finder with an extensive and regularly updated database. Bender doubles up as an informative events app as well. It also lets event managers/venue owners in their promotions.

Social Networking App

Live performances, sports events, concerts - all these and more arrive right at your fingertips, when you have the Inslide Out application. This is one events app-meets-mobile ticketing app you will love to have.

Lifestyle Travel
Travel App

The perfect mobile tour planner, information provider and real-time helper - all rolled into one. Conceptualized by Leonie Spencer - a long-time travel fan herself - this is an app that every travel-lover would love.

Bluetooth Connectivity App

DataWorks taps into the power of Bluetooth technology to the fullest. With this powerful app, devices can be connected with other compatible gadgets, and data can be measured, calibrated, maintained and managed.

LMI Opt-In Checker
RFID app

A cutting-edge RFID app created for the Android platform. Ideal for keeping track of prizes won by users at any time. The app boasts of a new technology, and is further bolstered by its smooth usability features

Prince Of Asia
Game app

How about donning the role of a prince, and rescuing a charming princess? Get set for Prince Of Asia - the strategy-based, multi-level role-playing game that merges fantasy fun with thrilling adventure. An app our game development agency is very proud of!

Ready Set Text
Typing Game app

Ready Set Text is a fun multiplayer mobile typing game for the iOS and Android platforms. Players earn coins by winning typing games, and can then use the coins to win attractive prizes. Both ‘Crowd Games’ and ‘Two-person games’ can be played in the Ready Set Text app.