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16 Things New iOS Developers Must Be Aware Of

Professional iOS app developers need to factor in a lot of things while creating applications, to bolster the chances of the latter’s success. If you are planning to get into this field, here are a few pointers to get you started. Mobile app development has been projected to become a $26 billion industry by the […]

12 Things Mobile App Entrepreneurs Need To Know

Every mobile app development expert, including indie developers, hopes to make big money from their applications. In the following piece, we have elaborated a few things that mobile app entrepreneurs need to follow, to brighten the prospects of their businesses. A recent survey revealed that there are well over 70000 mobile app developers worldwide. The […]

Mobile App Testing – Key Things You Need To Know

Testing is an integral element of any mobile app development process. In the following discussion, we have highlighted certain salient features of app testing. New developers, in particular, would find the following information really useful. Any decent mobile app company has a specialized team of app testers. Once the beta version of an app is […]

Mobile App Companies – The Good And The Bad

Not all mobile app development companies rank equally well on the quality and reliability fronts. We here present some parameters on the basis of which you can judge whether a company is a ‘good’ or a ‘bad’ one. Connect your laptop to the internet, visit Google, and look for ‘mobile app development company’. Within a […]

Hiring A Mobile App Agency: A 16-Point Checklist

Wondering about the factors you need to consider, while judging the merits and suitability of a mobile app agency? Follow this checklist, and make this apparently tricky task quick, systematic, and very easy! At first, you might feel that this topic does not merit a detailed discussion. After all, mobile app development companies are present […]