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How Should You Test A Mobile App?

A buggy mobile application can pose serious problems, and not only for the person who downloads it on his/her device. Researches have shown that, nearly 45% of users immediately uninstall mobile applications that are apparently buggy (causes battery drain, overheating, screen freezes, lags, etc.). In addition, over 95% people actually take the trouble of leaving […]

How Many Of These iOS 8.3 Problems Have You Faced?

Although iOS 8.3 is by far the best iteration of Apple’s iOS 8 platform to date, it has its fair share of bugs and performance issues. We will, in what follows, take stock of some commonly reported problems with iOS 8.3. In mid-April, the adoption rate of iOS 8 touched 78%. The release of the […]

15 Common Features Of Successful Mobile Apps

Mobile app development might be an increasingly popular profession – but the fact remains that, only a tiny fraction of the apps released every quarter are successful. In what follows, we will delve through some features that most successful applications share. A recent study by Gartner revealed a startling statistic: Not even 0.01% of general […]