[Guest Post] Top 3 VR Headsets for iPhone

By | April 5, 2018

(This post has been contributed by Davor Gasperavic, tech enthusiast and frequent writer on leading tech news sites)

Although the Apple AR Headset was recently disclosed as a future release for the company, it will not be arriving in the stores at least in a couple of years from now. However, while iOS users wait for the proper gadget to be released, they can get their hands on any of these three VR headsets, all compatible with iPhones, that will offer them a door into the virtual reality world.

Keep in mind that because these are not official Apple products, they might not turn out to be as wonderful as iPhone users would expect them to. Nevertheless, we have chosen three top headsets that perform great enough to immerse you into VR.

What’s best about these models, apart from the fact that they have super affordable prices compared to more serious headsets like the Oculus Rift, is that they support older models as well as newer ones meaning that it doesn’t matter whether you have an iPhone 5s in hand or just bought the recently released iPhone X: you will still get your load of fun.

Besides the listed headsets for iPhone, make sure you make an additional research before buying. You might want to read the specs closely as all the headsets bring different features and if you know exactly what you are looking for, that will prove quite useful.

1. Homido Virtual Reality Headset V2

This headset sold by Homido works perfectly fine for both Android and iOS all the way back to iPhone 5s. This model has custom made VR lenses that offer a 100-degree field of view to play games and live the virtual reality experience as any gamer should.

The headset has farsightedness and nearsightedness setting and can be worn by people who wear glasses as they have enough space to fit the specs inside the interchangeable seal made of faux leather.

The design is certainly slim and minimal, and you can upgrade the experience by buying extra accessories like the mini or big Bluetooth controllers, a 360-degree camera, and several other items that are sold separately but that can certainly make your gaming experience a unique one.

The foam that is in contact with the face is interchangeable and can be substituted if you think it needs a change. It works wirelessly and has optical settings such as IPD and immersion that can be adjusted according to your needs.

In case you are not into Head-Mounted Displays that much, Homido also sells VR glasses under the name Homido Mini which can be worn as normal specs. However, be sure that the VR effects will be reduced when not wearing the HMD.

The Homido VR Headset might not be among the cheapest models but certainly quality is always worth it and you would soon find out that you made a good investment after putting them on and going deep into VR games and 3D movies.

2. BlitzWolf BR-VR3

BlitzWold is a company that sells tech products and one of their latest is this virtual reality headset, which works well for any mobile phone that measures from 3.5 to 6.3 inches. It is certainly a high-quality item, especially for the price you pay.

This BlitzWolf VR model comes with a lens upgrade from its previous version and fits phones with bigger dimensions, which is why it’s perfect for the newest iPhone releases.

The lenses on the headset can be adjusted individually because BlitzWolf knows that our eyes work differently. It also has an adaptable rubber pad where the phone rests, secure and in place.

The company states that, in order to create the upgrade, they made a 130 times drop test, so you can rest assured that you have a headset that should last a long time. It comes with a 42mm Mitsubishi PMMA Aspherical Lens that offers a 108-degree field of view, slightly above the normal amount.

Likewise, the mount-heading system can be adjusted according to what brings you the most comfort while playing games or watching 3D movies. It has three different straps that you can regulate for it to fit perfectly on your head.

The artificial leather of the inside is hypoallergenic and quite breathable, and the pupil distance can also be adjusted leftward and rightward because everyone’s eyes are positioned uniquely and they just want you to have the perfect gaming experience.

This headset is definitely a good option as it encompasses both design and performance, and it’s quite comfortable too. Also, the extra 8-degrees of field of view might not sound like much but they do make a difference!

3. Zeiss VR One Plus

If this Carl Zeiss VR Headset is not a modern design, then who knows what is.

This model plays 3D videos on Netflix or Youtube, games and even augmented reality, but this is not what you want it for, at least at the moment. However, this does explain its elevated price, which is still affordable, especially for what it is.

The Zeiss VR One Plus is compatible with eyeglasses so if you wear specs, you can still have fun with this model. The head strap is removable, in case you want to hold it on your own, and it supports all iPhones and mobile phones that fit in the 4.7-5.5-inch tray.

It comes with ventilation ports already built inside the headset to prevent fogging and enhance the experience. Also, it has audio opening in the mobile tray that can let you hear perfectly what’s coming out of your phone.

It has a field of view of approximately 100-degrees and it supports a wide range of interpupillary distance (IPD) of 53-77 mm. In addition to that, the innovative optics make sure that you, as a user, don’t have to adjust the lens positions as the so-called eye-box is specially designed to cover most of the people’s eye distances.

The mobile tray has access to audio and charging ports as well, so if you are running low on battery, you can still keep playing with your Zeiss VR One Plus without a problem. The company also sells a lens cleaning swab and a magnet controller so you can obtain control over your actions when strapped into the headset.

This is definitely a high-quality model which is worth its price, and it performs great even for augmented reality. Positively a great investment.

Final Recommendations

  • Verify that you are buying the headset that is closer to what you are looking for. Confirm the field of view you want, and the lens adjustments as well.

  • Make sure headset will be able to play 3D movies on Youtube, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

  • Double-check the mobile measurements that each headset can hold, as the latest iPhones are slightly big and might not fit into every model.



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Davor is senior editor and writer contributing to several tech news sites. Besides his passion for writing, Davor enjoys playing PUBG, hiking and watching Game of Thrones series.

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