Dreamfactory Case Study – MAPT

By | January 29, 2018

Business Objective

To create an innovative, user-friendly mood and performance tracking application. The app would serve as a useful tool for every individual who aspire for personal and/or professional development – but are not quite certain about how to go about it.

Technical Challenge

The implementation of robust backend API solutions to deliver the requisite functionalities of the app. From maintaining the logbook and calculation/display of personal performance curves, to mood tracking and enhancement – everything required the integration of custom BaaS support. Fetching user-related data was a big challenge too, as were the tasks of user validations and token authorizations.

The Solution

Seamless integration of the Dreamfactory REST API platform with the MAPT mobile app. All the requisite API services were auto-generated and implemented. A full business logic architecture was built for the application.

Priority 1:

  1. Establishing a secure connection for the creation of multiple user sessions. There was an urgent need to do away with additional custom scripts for user login tokens and validations.
  2. Accessing and storing all relevant user-related information. Instead of working with a host of different methods, the HTTP operations had to be made much quicker and more accurate.
  3. Adding third-party services without having to modify the scripts.

Priority 2:

  1. Managing the shared user data with foreign tables.
  2. Ensuring smooth functionality and easy usability. The app had to be able to track and monitor every measurable element related to mood and performance – in the private AND the professional sphere.
  3. Secure digital storage of user-specific information, like membership cards. Establishing optimal security parameters was essential.

Understanding The Concept Of Mood and Performance Tool (MAPT)

MAPT is a one-of-its-kind mood and performance tracker tool for smartphone-users. With this application, users can identify the best ways to improve their overall performance levels – ushering in both personal and professional development. MAPT has a built-in sales calculator, which analyzes detailed statistics to come up with personalized solutions for each user. Teksmobile, a Stockholm-based mobile app agency, has created this application.

The sheer volume of information stored in the MAPT app necessitates the availability of powerful API services (for proper management, calculations and usage). It can be used to monitor moods and performance levels in a family as well as in a professional enterprise ecosystem. If there is any tangible, measurable metric that a user wishes to improve, MAPT can help him/her with it.

Elaborating on the rationale behind the development of MAPT, its owner says “self-help is probably the best type of help available out there. We have made an attempt to create a mobile assistant that will help people who wish to improve to do just that – by showing them the best strategies to get better…personally and professionally.”

Apart from being a mood and performance tracker, yet another key feature of the MAPT application is ‘Digicard’. In a nutshell, this feature allows users to digitally store different types of membership cards directly within the app (doing away with the need to carry them along separately). User identifications and membership benefits – everything can be done through MAPT.

Giving MAPT The DreamFactory Advantage

While fairly simple in theory, the Teksmobile team had to deal with a couple of tricky elements during the early stages of the app’s development cycle. For starters, user authorization and tokens required quite a lot of overhead scripts – which was a burden. Also, having to create separate methods for fetching user-data at any time, and the mandatory changes in scripts for incorporating the required third-party services were both cumbersome affairs. Thankfully, DreamFactory came to the rescue at the right time.

“MAPT is a feature-rich application that requires strong API support from the backend. The prospect of having to manually develop each API was daunting – both from the resources as well as the time perspective. DreamFactory completed tasks, that would have otherwise taken several weeks, in not much more than a couple of minutes.”

– Project developer, MAPT

The Teks team working on Eventify created an entity relationship diagram (ERD) database. Then, this structure was imported to the DreamFactory phpMyAdmin – and new API services (i.e., the requisite REST API endpoints) were seamlessly generated. The very nature of the app demanded that user-specific data had to be fetched – and since high volumes of data could be stored in DreamFactory, probable problems regarding this were avoided.

The ‘Default APIs’ feature of DreamFactory was used extensively for the development of the backend of MAPT. The fact that all the HTTP operations were readily available ensured that data can be accessed/fetched easily, as and when required. No longer was there any need to grapple with lots of different methods, and/or worry about manual coding errors. DreamFactory automated the backend of MAPT, and made the task of developing it an absolute breeze.

Integration Of Third-Party Services

For delivering optimal functionality, quite a few third-party services (e.g., Mailgun) had to be incorporated in the MAPT application. The ‘custom plugin’ feature of DreamFactory helped to add these as ‘normal services’. There were no additional changes in scripts required – making things more stable and adding an air of certainty.

“Managing multiple user sessions with completely secure connections was, arguably, the biggest challenge in MAPT. The built-in feature of DreamFactory enabled my team to get all the user validations and tokens promptly – and that too, without any extra custom scripting”, states the CEO of Teksmobile. The opportunity to add pre-script and post-script logic in APIs was another additional advantage.

DreamFactory also eased out the task of managing shared user data in the MAPT app. The developers could easily create a foreign table for the purpose. Most of the major features of the app were made more streamlined, friction-free and prompt – yielding a lot of time and resource savings.

Putting Mood and Performance Metrics To The Best Use

MAPT is a mobile app that takes a novel approach for effective self-help and self-improvement, with the help of day-to-day performance and mood tracking. Powerful backend automation is vital for the smooth operations/calculations/solutions generated by the app – and DreamFactory has played a big role in helping Teksmobile create MAPT just the way it was meant to be.

In MAPT, the DreamFactory platform has helped with storing/fetching user data, implementing the entire business logic, integrating select third-party services, and making the whole API system more secure. Documentation has been made easy with the help of Swagger. MAPT is an app with universal appeal – and it certainly has got all the features to grow rapidly popular.


MAPT is a cool new self-improvement app that tracks and analyzes personal moods and performances of users. With the help of its sales calculator, the app helps people identify the ideal methods to bring about personal and professional development.