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15 Steps To Safely Root An Android Device

There are many misconceptions and uncertainties shrouding the process of rooting Android devices. In what follows, we have sketched out the steps for doing it, and have also briefly touched upon the benefits of Android rooting. Close to 40% of all Android smartphones in the world are ‘rooted’ by their owners. The principle behind Android […]

Apple Acquires TestFlight-Maker: What Does It Mean For App Developers?

TestFlight, a widely popular third-party beta-testing platform, was snapped up by Apple almost exactly a year back, for an undisclosed amount. The deal was expected to have several positive implications for iOS app developers. Last year, the announcement of Apple taking over Burstly, the makers of popular beta testing platform TestFlight, was made official. From […]

Unity Vs Unreal Engine 4: Which Game Engine Comes Out On Top?

Many developers feel that Unreal Engine 4 is at par, if not better, than the Unity 5 game engine. We will here compare Unity and UE4 on the basis of key parameters, and find how the two perform in each regard. The results of a Develop 100 survey last July, which showed that Epic’s Unreal […]