How Many Of These iOS 9.2 Problems Have You Faced?

By | December 29, 2015

Although its adoption rates slowed down in the last couple of weeks of November, iOS 9 is still the most successful iteration of Apple’s mobile platform. Within 60 days of its release, 7 out of every 10 compatible iDevices have been upgraded to iOS 9 (considerably helped by the flashy, emoji-based iOS 9.1 update). It has been three weeks since the stable release of the iOS 9.2 ‘bug-fix’ update – and although it has been mostly well-received by general users and software/mobile app developers – some issues still linger. We will here take a look at some of these commonly reported iOS 9.2 problems:


  • Unreliable wifi connectivity – While the problem is not as serious as it was on the iOS 8/8.1 updates – wifi connectivity problems have stayed on the iOS 9 platform. There have been scattered reports of extremely slow network speeds, along with frequent connection failures. The problem is particularly common on older devices (e.g., iPhone 4S). Doing a factory reset generally fixes the issue. You can also try turning off wifi on your iPhone and enabling it again.
  • Incomplete installation – In an indirect way, it is the super-impressive adoption rate of iOS 9 that has led to this problem. As soon as iOS 9.2 was released, users from all over the world rushed to download it. Experts from the field iPhone app development have also been enthusiastic about the new update. This, in turn, has put additional pressure on the servers – leading to the download process becoming painfully slow, and even incomplete in such cases. It is expected that this problem will ease off over the next couple of weeks or so, as the frequency of downloads becomes lower.
  • Lags while setting reminders – Not a huge problem, but the ‘reminder bug’ is definitely a glitch in the iOS 9.2 update. When you try to set a reminder on your upgraded/new iPhone – there is every chance of a 8-10 second lag, before the relevant screen (where you can put the reminder time and date) shows up. The lag is minor, and should get fixed in the upcoming updates.
  • Problems with the Touch ID – According to reports from online software and mobile development forums, this bug has affected iPhone 5S users the most. After upgrading to the latest version of the iOS platform, several users have reported that the Touch ID on their devices have become noticeably less responsive. What’s more, some reports have been filtering in about 3D Touch not working as smoothly as it should. 3D Touch has only been introduced by Apple on iPhone 6S/6S Plus, and understandably, some rough edges still remain.
  • No downgrading option – Although this is not a iOS 9.2 problem per se, but users would have definitely liked to have the option to downgrade to iOS 9.1 – if they were not satisfied with the new update. However, the Cupertino company has closed this loop, and as a result, those who have upgraded to iOS 9.2 are stuck with it. This, along with the fact that no proper iOS 9.2 jailbreak solution has yet been released, has made several users shy away from upgrading their handsets.
  • Overheating and battery drain – Charging is quick on iOS 9.2 powered phone – and in general, the battery performance is more than acceptable (battery life of a smartphone is never its USP, in any case!). However, power users (mobile gamers, heavy app users) have complained about devices getting overheated within less than an hour of continuous use. Analysts from iOS app development companies have confirmed this as well. The overheating is accompanied with an alarming rate of battery drain. Enabling ‘Low Power Mode’ on iOS 9 devices is a good way of steering clear of such problems. Users should also turn off GPS location services whenever unnecessary. Regularly checking whether any rogue app is causing battery drainage (Settings → General → Battery Usage Settings → Privacy → Diagnostics & Usage) is also advisable. You should also disable push notifications from apps that you do not need at any time.
  • The alarm bug has returned – Alarm problems had been present in iOS 7, iOS 8 – and slightly surprisingly, this ‘alarm bug’ has persisted on iOS 9.2 as well. iPhone app developer communities have shown that, after upgrading, pre-set alarms get disabled on their own – and they have to set the alarm all over again. While less common, instances of alarms going off at ‘incorrect’ times have been reported as well.
  • Accessing large email attachments – While setting up POP email accounts on iPhones after upgrading to iOS 9.2 is a breeze – adding/accessing attachments is, unfortunately, a different story. A large number of users as well as app testers have found that large attachments tend to hang when they are being downloaded. In certain cases, the attachments remain entirely inaccessible to users. The new update has fixed the issues with Podcasts and Safari, but problems related to mail attachments have not been sorted out. Yet.
  • Bad news for music lovers – Early problems with Apple Music have been addressed by iOS 9.2 – but the new platform has brought forth a whole new, and more problematic, bug. There have been many complaints from users who have lost their entire collection of downloaded (offline) music from their devices, after doing the upgrade. Instances of app crashes have also remained fairly common. This is, arguably, the most irritating problem of iOS 9.2 – and if left unsolved, it can seriously dent the adoption rate of the new mobile platform.
  • Photos not getting saved – A small section of the early adopters of iOS 9.2 have experienced this problem. While it might be a device-specific issue, the very fact that it has cropped up AFTER upgrading makes it worth a mention in this list. Affected users have found that the pictures they click with their iPhone/iPad are not getting saved in the Camera Roll automatically. Neither can the photos received from others be auto-saved. Manual saving is, of course, an option – but that has not always worked either.
  • Screen freezes – Another common problem that shrouds nearly all new iOS updates. iPhone app developers who have tested the platform have reported that screen freezes are fairly common – something that has been corroborated by the reports from general iDevice owners. Going for the ‘Reset All Settings’ option fixes the problem, but it wipes off all custom user-settings as well. We’ll have to wait and watch whether the next iOS 9 update manages to satisfactorily resolve this issue.
  • Personal hotspot related bugs – Enabling the wifi personal hotspot on an upgraded iOS device is matter of seconds. However, you might face certain problems after that. Close ‘Settings’, and then use another device to locate the hotspot that you have just activated. Don’t be too surprised if you can’t find it – for mobile app development experts have identified this as another of the commonly reported iOS 9.2 problems. Mobile testers have, however, shown that adding a standby time to the personal hotspot can do away with this problem.
  • Presence of a ‘ghost app’ – Many owners of iPhone 6S/6S Plus have been befuddled on seeing an app with no title/icon on the home screens (some users have also found 2-3 of these ‘ghost applications’). Once again, iOS developers have confirmed that this is not a glitch of the iOS platform – and these ‘no-title app icons’ are displayed as a result of interrupted/incomplete app downloads. A full ‘hard reset’ (after taking a backup of phone data) removes these strange app icons.
  • Problems with the calendar icon and clipboard – The calendar icon bug has mostly affected users of the new iPad Pro. People have reported that the calendar icon is either blank, or is displayed as a ‘developer icon’ (since it is a native app, deleting it and restarting the device is of no use). Also, users of iPhone 6S have experienced erratic clipboard behaviour after moving to the iOS 9.2 platform.


Certain iCloud-related problems and a weird keyboard bug have also been reported by users as well as those who make iPhone apps. The point to note here is, none of the above problems is a major one – and they have not affected everyone who have upgraded to iOS 9.2. Apple has already released the first public/developer beta of iOS 9.2.1 – and it would, hopefully, solve most of the above glitches.


Which of these problems have you faced after upgrading your device?