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Meet SoccerMan – The Cool New Learning Game For Kids!

There are some cute, interactive children’s storybook apps, which are good. Then there are several fun gaming apps for kids, which are good too. And then, there is Soccerman – which offers an idyllic mix of both. It’s a learning app par excellence!

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Meet The App

SoccerMan is a one-of-its kind kids’ app that offers a seamless mix of gaming fun and interactive learning benefits. It is primarily meant for children in the 2-5 age group. Kids who are fond of soccer would love this app…while those who aren’t that much into the sport (or are not old enough to understand it yet!) would enjoy it as well. SoccerMan is for everyone!

Soccerman has learning games

SoccerMan was first conceptualized way back in 2012, when its makers (the brothers Timpano, Matt and Jacob) identified the opportunity of coming up with a tool that would encourage kids to follow a healthy, active lifestyle (what better than getting familiar with the game of soccer for that?). The app was built from the ground up for letting the young ones boost their imaginative powers, learn up important stuff…and, of course, play along and have fun.

The SoccerMan app (available on iOS and Android) follows on from the fictional storybook of the same name, published by the Timpano brothers in 2014. This is one app that promises quality screen time for children – while motivating them to remain fit and active at all times.

Meet The Makers

SoccerMan is the brainchild of Matt and Jacob Timpano, who hail from Wollongong, NSW. The brothers first came up with the character in 2012, self-published the SoccerMan storybook in 2014, and have launched the app in 2017. They have believed in the inherent value of their concept, and have continued to refine the implementations. With the rapidly rising number of toddlers regularly using smartphones and tablets – creating the mobile app version of SoccerMan was a no-brainer.

The choice of soccer as the theme for this new mobile app for kids is not merely a matter of coincidence. Jacob Timpano has captained the Australian team at the youth level (he also played for Sydney FC as defender) – and is currently the Wollongong Wolves manager/head coach. The rich experience of the man about soccer has gone a long way in lending a realistic touch to the SoccerMan game. Matt Timpano, on the other hand, brings his decade-long experience in the childhood industry to the table. One of the brothers is a pro in soccer and youth sports, and the other is an expert about children – it’s not surprising that they have managed to join hands to create an app as innovative and engaging as SoccerMan!

WATCH: SoccerMan co-founder Jacob Timpano turning it on for Sydney FC and Australia

SoccerMan is also Jacob’s way of giving something back to the game that has given him considerable fame and adulation. Post-retirement, working on the idea of SoccerMan – fine-tuning the app concept and overseeing the development phase (the app/website was created by Teksmobile) – was what Jacob wanted to do the most. Going by the immense early appreciation of the app and the general familiarity of the SoccerMan character, it can be said that the hard work of the Timpano brothers is paying off.

Meet The Games

4 free games in SoccerMan app

The best bit about the SoccerMan is the cool, engaging manner in which it blends in learning benefits with sheer gaming fun. For kids, there are as many as 4 free games – ‘Paint Game’, ‘Count Game’, ‘Shapes Game’ and ‘SoccerMan Says’. Each of the games has its own educational elements – apart from being uniformly enjoyable. Parents also have the option of downloading two more games – ‘Colour Game’ and ‘Lunchbox Game’, via in-app purchase (IAP).


All the learning games in SoccerMan come with beautiful graphics and lovely illustrations. The cute little animations take up the fun-factor by a couple of notches. The controls are uniformly kid-friendly – ensuring that children can play along on their own. SoccerMan is FOR kids and ABOUT kids through and through.

Meet The Story

There’s the soccer-based gameplay, there are fascinating games (the makers have promised that new games will be released regularly), and there’s digital storytelling fun too. In the ‘Story Mode’ of the SoccerMan app, there is a fun-filled 11-page digital storybook – narrating the tale of Max, SoccerBoy and SoccerGirl, and the quest of SoccerBoy for becoming SoccerMan. The first six pages of the book are available for free reading, and the remainder (seventh page onwards) has to be bought through in-app purchase. The in-app purchase amount is AUD 1.99.

SoccerMan digital storybook

As a mobile storybook app for kids, SoccerMan offers dynamic options to users. Kids can either read the story on their own, or opt for the high-quality audio narration option (‘Read To Me’). More digital storybooks are in the pipeline for release in the SoccerMan app.

Meet The Additional Fun Elements

SoccerMan offers unadulterated fun and excellent learning advantages to young ones – just the way the Timpano brothers had envisaged. The overall attractions of the app are further enhanced by the range of cool gamification rewards on offer – from virtual medals to that elusive Soccerman trophy. Children can also create their very own customized avatars on the app. It’s all about delivering optimized, healthy fun – with a dash of educational benefits – to the li’l ones!

Medals and SoccerMan trophy to be won

Given the potential of SoccerMan app to become a fun companion of children globally, it has been made available with multi-language support. The introductory version of the app is available in English and Chinese, and more languages will be added over time.

Meet SoccerMan At The Stores

The iOS version of SoccerMan is available for free download at It is compatible with all devices powered by iOS 8 (or higher).

The Android version of SoccerMan can be downloaded from The app is usable on devices running on Android v.4.0.3 (and later).

Note: SoccerMan can be downloaded and used on both smartphones and tablets. The perfect ‘game-on-the-go’ tool for kids!

Soccerman is also listed on Behance at Check it out over there. On social media, the official Facebook page of the app is, while on Instagram – is the place to head to.

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Meet The Contacts

The official website of SoccerMan app is

Contact Matt Timpano at – 0401 198 528/

Contact Jacob Timpano at – 0403 542 144/

To know more about Teksmobile (Australia|Sweden|United States|India|South Korea), visit


The Final Word

Soccerman - the best children's app

SoccerMan is, obviously, a kids’ app that is based on the game of soccer. It has intuitive games and fun reading material that offer great educational benefits. In essence, it’s:

 Soccer + Education = FUN!